Sustainable development

Priorities for sustainable development

One of the fundamental activities undertaken by OSI GROUP globally is responsible business management in the field of environment, economy and society. Our priorities include promoting sustainable development of food market and obtaining global balance of delivery chain. We keep searching for innovative solutions, which will positively affect future generations.

By 2025, OSI GROUP will have fulfilled the following goals related to raw materials policy, environment protection and social responsibility:

Sustainable delivery chain

Aims within the sustainable development framework:

icon Animal welfare

Animal welfare

  • Ensuring observance of animals rights within the delivery chain
  • Becoming a leader in animal welfare
icon Animal welfare 

Managing antibiotics

  • Ensuring cattle is in good health condition
  • Reducing the quantity of antibiotics used (within the delivery chain)
  • Each and every supplier is obliged to participate in an external training concerning animal welfare
  • Applying KPI analysis into animal welfare situation
  • Independent video surveillance aimed at monitoring animal welfare in all of our production plans



Goals within the sustainable development framework:

icon Animal welfare

Environment protection

Reducing environmental impact with the help of responsible management of natural resources:

  • Sustainable use of water
  • Reduction of pollutants
  • Forest protection
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Climate changes

Decreasing the risk of climate changes through reduction of greenhouse gas emission:

  • Sustainable energy consumption
  • Reduction of the impact on changes in the environment
            • Reducing the use of water by 15%
            • Eliminating waste
            • Reducing the use of energy by 20%
            • Reducing greenhouse gas emission by 30%
            • Reporting carbon footprint and eliminating deforestation from the delivery chain
            • Increasing the use of renewable energy by 75
Development of reporting system regarding key environmental indicators, managed by suppliers 


Social responsibility

Goals within the sustainable development framework:

icon Animal welfare


Establishing shared values for both the company and the community:

  • Supplying food that is safe and of appropriate quality
  • Enriching communities
  • Supporting individuals affected by agricultural and food sector
icon Animal welfare 


Safe workplace, where rights workers are protected and their competences are developed:

  • Harm reduction at work
  • Ensuring compliance with workers’ rights
  • Developing employees’ skills and abilities to increase their chances of being successful
  • Implementing an integrated health and safety system for all production plants to further improve monitoring, education and reduce the number of accidents
  • Devoting 2000 hours annually to voluntary work in order to support social initiatives
  • Providing
    a wide-range of support for education of families and fight against hunger in rural areas
  • Improving qualifications of at least 1000 employees


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