Quality and safety

There is a multi-level supervision system inside our plants, which guarantees safety of beef produced by OSI POLAND FOODWORKS


The first level of control - an internal control of the system. The system ensures food health safety (system HACCP) and is constantly developed. The control involves conducting hazard analysis and monitoring critical control points. There is also an external control, which is independent of a producer and is conducted by specialised official authorities.


The second level of control - checking application of renowned, international and domestic food health safety standards, such as: IFS FOOD v. 6.1, ISO 22000, QMP and Eco. Their fulfilment is periodically verified by independent certification bodies.


The third level of control - audits, the aim of which is to verify the confirmation with client’s standards. They are conducted by independent representatives of certification bodies or client’s internal auditors. We hold certificates and/or protocols confirming compliance with the following requirements:


The fourth level of control - conducted in accordance with BQS- Beef Quality Standard.

More about BQS system


The fifth level of control - conducted by quality control departments and safety department of OSI GROUP, subject to European Management Board of the company, what guarantees their independence.


Implementation of stringent quality standards that OSI POLAND FOODWORKS stands for, made the company number one beef provider, cooperating with the biggest Polish and foreign food business operators.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is one of very few companies in Poland, which holds a production certificate, as well as an organic certification, which confirms the compliance of company’s production standards with the requirements set by Council Regulations(EC) 834/2007.

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